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Due to our continuing success we have expanded into new offices

“Dear Helen and Trevor,

I am so very grateful to you both for all the hard work and thoughtfulness  you have shown……..many, many thanks and best wishes ……..”


“Thanks for everything Helen. I’ll see mom tomorrow but I’ll call her today and keep her in the picture. I think its excellent what you have achieved and will certainly recommend your services to others. Thanks again and the very best of wishes.



“Helen & Trevor,

Thank you for listening and being amazing friends

Love you both June”


“ I would like to thank you for the cheque and family tree of my mothers family. The information was much appreciated



“Dear Helen & Trevor

Thank you for the cheque's we have received from you, from our aunts estate. What a nice surprise that was. Thank you also for all the work you have done in tracing us, the family tree is very interesting, names we have never heard of. A big thank you once again from the nieces and nephews of our late aunt.

Best wishes Joyce, Jean, Les & Stan”


“Dear Ms. Ball,

I acknowledge receipt of the cheque for £****.** Recently received and the documents accompanying it. They are very comprehensive and informative and tell me more about my family links than I ever knew before. When people talk about their family trees I can see that they are really three dimensional with branches going off in all directions. I shall certainly keep these documents and thank you for your care and diligence in following up the trails



“Dear Helen,

Thank you for your cheque and the family tree which I have found to be most interesting and informative, revealing details that I was totally unaware of. I have been able to ascertain where she was laid to rest from the local undertakers in Wednesbury, who had this information on file and were very helpful in providing details. Her ashes were interred with with her brother, father and mother in a family plot at a Cemetery in Wednesbury and I have this week been able to visit and actually find the grave. I am relieved that she is with her family but saddened that I did not know her better having only met her on two occasions when I was a child. Thank you again for your assistance in this matter.




Many thanks for all your time/effort dealing with my uncles estate and will. I appreciate everything you have done

Very best wishes Andrew”


“Just a little note to say thank you. Received cheque on Saturday. Really interesting reading the family tree especially when Keith thought he had no relatives.

Many thanks for all your hard work. Linda & Keith”


 “I would like to thank you for the swift and professional conclusion to the estate of my late aunt and a big thank you for the inclusion of the family tree.

Many thanks to all involved

L T W”


“ I am writing to say that I have received the cheque for £***.** In connection with the inheritance of the estate. It came as a bit of a bombshell, a pleasant one I might say. I appreciate your letting me know of this it has been quite an effort on your behalf. The detail and documentation that has gone on has been very thorough.



“I am delighted that you have been able to “tie up the loose ends” in relation to my late aunt. Your professionalism, combined with a very friendly approach, has been much appreciated.

The estate distribution chart clearly sets out the workings of the Laws of Intestacy in this case - which I found particularly interesting.

Yes, I have indeed enjoyed the whole “heir hunting” experience, and was pleased to be able to contribute towards unravelling the story of our family history.

Congratulations on a job well done!

With thanks and best wishes,


Helen Ball