Tracing Missing Heirs & Beneficiaries

When someone dies intestate (without leaving a will) and without any known relatives or next of kin, their estate or assests pass to the government unless the missing heirs or beneficiaries can be traced.

As probate researchers and genealogists, Helvor Probate Research Limited will trace the family tree of the deceased person, identifying the closest blood relatives - anyone from children, brothers and sisters to cousins.

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This process involves using the skills and experience gained through many years of research, along with the varied resources available.

Helvor Probate Research Limited will obtain certificates, search electoral registers, trace property details and visit local archives, handling all the paperwork and complications of claiming inheritance from the government or obtaining probate and managing an entire estate from the time of death to when the assets are distributed to entitled relatives.

Helvor Probate Research Limited has been awarded a contract to undertake investigations on behalf of local authorities.

We always operate with sympathy, dignity and respect.